Wednesday, 15 April 2009

The Past Week

I've expanded our selling online to actually physically taking our items to the outside world. Scary I know - meeting actual people face to face. Well - it had to be done.

We're trying to downsize as we're hoping to move later this year - if all goes well and house prices don't rise too much - so we've taken to filling the car with boxes with bits and bobs that we no longer need and taking them to bootsales. To expand the selection of items that we're selling, I've also added some hand crafted items to the inventory. Sales of the hand crafted items are going really well, and I am also picking up orders and getting ideas of things that they'd like to see available. The doll outfits and doll pram / cot accessories are a really good seller, as it is now that we are having nice weather and little girls are playing with their dolls and want to have new outfits and pram sets. Another good seller are peg bags.

I did a bootsale last Saturday, and also last Sunday - and on both days the weather was coldish to start, but turned out really hot. Hubby was quite amazed when I arrived home and my lower arms had nice red patches. Luckily for me, on a normal day the red turns into a tan - but I'll have to remember to take the sun cream with me for hotter days.

I've been busy working on a few orders and have them nearly completed ready for mailing. I also have the orders cut out ready to stitch tomorrow for customers who are collecting their purchases at Saturdays bootsale. I really do wish I knew which doll was Baby Annabell and which was Chou Chou. It would make it so much easier. I'm also hoping to expand the inventory of Reborn outfits.

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