Saturday, 28 March 2009

I finished a batch of 4 yellow embroidered anglais dresses for the Zapf Baby Born dolls. I've done these oepn backed, so they are ideal for childrens play dolls rather than doll collectors. I love using the embroidered anglais cotton as one side comes with ready made embroidered edge which is great for hemlines. It also gives a unique finish to the dresses making them individual.

I'm a little more forward with the fairisle socks - which are an experiment. I'd never knitted socks before now and it was a challenge getting used to working with 4 needles - but as the knitting grows, and I get used to it, then it does get easier.

I sometimes do bootsales on weekend - but when I got up this morning, I checked the weather and it didn't look too promising - a combination of sun and black clouds (the weather forcasted rain showers for our region), so I didn't bother going. Most of my stock isn't water resistant, and I didn't fancy rushing to get it all packed away before it got soaked. Typical - murphys law happened, and cos I didn't do a bootsale, it turned out quite nice, even if a little windy - but you can guarantee, if I DID do the bootsale, within half an hour of me setting everything up, it would have bucketed down and I'd have had to pack it all away and come home. Oh well, there are other things that I could do instead.

Our forum cookbook project seems to be one step nearer to the collecting recipes. I'll have to get a couple of my favourites ready to email accross.

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