Monday, 8 June 2009

New Listing Templates & New Store on eBid

I have been busy revamping and reviewing all my eBid listings. To do this, I've opened a third store, dedicated to the candle and pot pourii items - didn't realise I had so many hiding away that aren't going to be used. The new store is called Home Scents by BabsnRay.

I had a new template given to me by ruthiewildchild on ebid - to match the store banner I asked her to do. I must admit - the listings look a lot more professional with the template than they did without it. As I intended to reorganise the listings on the other 2 stores, I thought I'd buy templates for them aswel. Equipped with new templates for Babs n Rays Boxroom and Sewing Room Creations , I set about revising and revamping my listings and I've added new ones too. But, I didn't stop there - I also had a new look 'About Me' page built aswell. And guess what - since I did that, I've had an increase in sales. Perhaps the buyers agree with me. Listing tempaltes too improve the look of the listings - and give reassurance that the seller actually shows an interest in their items and is serious about their selling - giving the buyers more confidence in the seller they are thinking of buying from. Something to consider if you sell online, and if you do fancy adding a listing template - check out eBid Widgets by Kimbo.